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8-isoprostane Oxidative Stress ELISA Kit
Catalog # 8iso1   8-isoprostane ELISA Kit  $272
The isoprostanes are a family of eicosanoids of non-enzymatic origin produced by the random oxidation of tissue phospholipids by oxygen radicals. 8-isoprostane (8-epi-prostaglandin F2a) is an in vivo index of oxidative injury.
BPA Environmental Estrogen ELISA Kit
Catalog # BPA1   Bisphenol A ELISA $272
BPA is a widespread phenolic environmental estrogen contaminant known to disrupt endocrine activity. This kit can be used to measure BPA in biological and environmental samples.
Both kits are designed for triplicate analyses of up to 24 samples and contain one 96 well plate, one vial of 8-isoprostane standard, one vial of 8-isoprostane-conjugated horseradish peroxidase (HRP), and buffers for sample and HRP dilutions, and plate washing.
Buy in Quantity and Save! 2-3 kits $258 each; 5-9 kits $245 each; 10 or more kits $231 each