Company Info

Detroit R&D, Inc. was founded in 1997 by Dr. Hyesook Kim as a company dedicated to building a relationship of trust with the research community by providing the highest quality products through leading-edge technology.  Detroit R&D has been steadily establishing itself as a worldwide source for novel diagnostic and drug-screening products.  The Detroit R&D laboratories and offices are located in the heart of a new redevelopment district in the city of Detroit, Michigan.

Detroit R&D with an original project to develop easy and inexpensive hypertension kits for measuring novel fatty acid biomarkers in blood, urine and tissue has evolved to a company with leading-edge technologies in the fields of a) hypertension, stroke, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes (verified by >60 peer-reviewed publications by end-users), b) prostate, breast and lung cancer biomarkers, c) environmental estrogens such as BPA and BPS, d) COX-2 biomarker , e) cytochromes P450 (CYPs), f) oxidative stress, g) mitochondrial DNA damage and copy number, h) glycosylated c-myc, p53 and NF-kB, i) glycan microarrays, j) wound healing and k) label-free nanotechnology.

Detroit R&D has established a track record of success with a) sales of products to US and worldwide researchers by direct sales and via 24 distributors, b) 18 National Institutes of Health (NIH) SBIR Phases I and II (>10 million) awards to develop hypertension diagnostics, mitochondrial DNA damage assay, cancer microarrays, glycosylated biomarkers for prostate cancer, glycosylated proteins in breast cancer and circulating nucleic acid-based lung cancer biomarkers and c) 8 issued and 6 pending patents.

IN SUMMARY, Detroit R&D has the talent, insight and drives to grow substantially.  We welcome collaboration and/or licensing inquiries.